The Many Debts of Rick Ross

“I Know Pablo, Noriega, the REAL Noriega,
He Owes Me a Hundred Favors!” -Rick Ross, Hustlin’

Top 25 out of the 100 favors former Panama general Manuel Noriega
supposedly owes Miami-based rapper Rick Ross:

1. Walk his dog
2. Mow the lawn
3. Replace the bottle of whiskey they stole from Rick’s dad
4. Apologize to Mrs. Tatem for profanity
5. Bring the trash to the dump
6. $20 for cab fare
7. A ride to Ted’s house
8. Put air in his bicycle tires
9. Divulge that special margarita recipie
10. Pick up his dry cleaning
11. Call Rick’s ex and tell her what a great guy Rick is
12. Let him borrow a bathing suit
13. Apply Suntan lotion on his back
14. Tell him when the scary parts are
15. Teaching him how to tie a double windsor
16. Telling Rick’s mom they are his drugs
17. Washing the dog
18. A good cry
19. Staying with him when he gets sick off Tequila
20. Writing all his rhymes
21. Did NOT kill his dad
22. Let him have the last Flavor Ice
23. Acted like he was asleep when there was ‘company’
24. Told him he had something in his teeth
25. Filled up the gas tank

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