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Date: 2006-05-29, 10:04PM EDT

I went into 7-11 today with my dad because he wanted to buy some cigarettes. I want him to stop smoking so bad. I went to the back to check out the cap guns, and I saw a man in a chain mill shirt putting some beer into his vest. He looked at me, flashed a grin, and winked at me. It was Tupac! I stood there with my mouth open for about 20 seconds and tried to close it, but I couldn’t move. I ran up to my dad, “Daddy, Daddy! It’s Tupac!” and the shopkeeper seemed visibly agitated. My dad laughed it off and spoke softly to the shopkeeper, “He still believes.” I hate my dad for that. Then on the way to the car I saw an El Camino fly across the moon with a man hanging out the window flipping me off with both hands.

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