25 Howard St. NYC

We know the urban lumberjack is an urban cliché by now, relegated mainly to the newly transplanted and diehards in Bushwick. With Red Wings in J.Crew and Dave’s New York teeming with the overcompensating, we can’t say it was an unwelcome retreat.

Dunderdon, a Swedish import from Gothenburg, meets you halfway. Upon first glance you may feel you’ve stumbled upon gothwear via Cabela’s, but that’s just the way they do it in Sweden, because the climate is too unforgiving to mince about (or so I’ve read). These Swedes also love clean, simplistic lines, muted colors (like deaf-mute, blood red is as happy as it gets), and accessorizing only when practical. Tastefully branded and elegantly fitted,assuming you’re of European fit, Dunderdon has pre-empted the basics-by-way of Carhartt found at places like Hollander & Lexer by a few years. Not that it’s a race.

As you can imagine, the most important pieces at Dunderdon is the outerwear, because when Swedes go outside, that means something different than we know and not only in language (in the movies, it is always terrible weather in Sweden). While a little canvas heavy at times, their jackets and coats are not bulky but pack a suprising amount of warmth, down and Thinsuate among the chief players, nearly hidden in the apparel but doing it’s job while you’re none the wiser.

Given our affinity for their clothes, we may have to go check this Sweden place out instead of drawing conclusions from their exports, Dunderdon being among their best.