Top 10 Teen Radio Sketches

Teen Radio (2014 – 2017) was the most amazing sketch team that never caught the eye of a sleazy agent, even if we did put Teen in our name.

Anyway, here are the top ten sketches that *I* wrote, as voted by the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences.

1. Once in a Lifetime
Starring: Amadeo Fusca, Alex Gellner, Bryce Craver & Erin Richardson.

2. The Boat Talk
Starring: Matt Giroveanu, Danielle DiPaolo & Bryce Craver

3. White Lady Babylon
Starring: Bryce Craver, Melissa Morrissey, Jane Kehoe, & Mallory Stephens

4. Le Sushi Chef
Starring: Bryce Craver, Erin Richardson, Sam Weiss, Alex Gellner & JM Coov.

5. Tudy
Starring: Bryce Craver, Dana Kaplan-Angle, Amadeo Fusca & Beth White.

6. Steamboat Dickie
Starring: Bryce Craver & Michael Bird

7. Hitler Art School
Starring: Dana Kaplan Angle, Carly Stipancic & David Morton.

8. Bourne to be Wild
Starring: Bryce Craver, Danielle DiPaolo, Erin Richardson, Sam Taggart, Dana Kaplan-Angle & Michael Bird.

9. Heat Wave
Starring: Erin Richardson, Andrei Alupului, Emily Bold, Sam Weiss & David Morton.

10. Crotchhuggers
Starring: Dana Kaplan-Angle, Lucas Brahme, Samantha Strelitz & Bryce Craver.

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