Robert Moses Vs Everybody

I wrote, produced, and directed a 60-minute comedic play based on my own painstaking historical research of New York City Parks Commissioner Robert Moses and now I’m here to tell you all about it. Based on texts such as The Power Broker and The Life and Death of Great American Cities, the satiric biography sold-out run at MuchMore’s on 5/11 & 5/12, and an additional sold-out run at Caveat NYC on 7/24 and 10/3/2018 (attendance 100+). Video available upon request.

In Polite Company plays fast and loose with facts, libel laws, and people’s hearts as they tell the unauthorized life story of Robert Moses, the Master Builder of New York City, star of the Power Broker, Citizen Jane, and Body Heat. See some NYC history through the lens of regular, uninformed citizens whose only citations are word-of-mouth, slander, and plain ol’ run-of-the-mill gossip.

Don’t worry, Robert won’t be there. He’s dead now.

Caveat, Lower East Side, NYC
07/23/2018: Sam Weiss, Bryce Craver, Samanthan Strelitz, Andrei Alupului, Amadeo Fusca, Laura Thomas & Melissa Morrissey
10/03/2018: Sam Weiss, Bryce Craver, Samantha Strelitz, Andrei Alupului, Josh Eakright, Alexandra Gellner & Erin Richardson

Muchmore’s, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
05/11/2018: Sam Weiss, Bryce Craver, Sam Strelitz, Andrei Alupului, Matt Giroveanu, Laura Thomas & Melissa Morrissey
05/12/2018: Sam Weiss, Bryce Craver, Erin Richardson, Andrei Alupului, Matt Giroveanu, Laura Thomas & Melissa Morrissey

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