What’s the 311 – Season 3

Well it’s finally here. The third and final season of the question no one asked “What’s the 311?”. We probe deep into Brooklyn and traverse neighborhoods where no one has ever been to bring you tales from the far outer borough:

Greenpoint: Bill Murray: Dead or Alive
Dyker Heights: The Great Christmas Lights Scandal
Bensonhurst: Yeah but what IS Italy
Brighton Beach: Opening Previews of The Motherland Calls
Flatbush: Ocean’s Three: Back in the Habit
Bay Ridge: The Legend of Kenneth McGillicuddy

Andrei Alupului, Lucas Brahme, Jen Clark, Bryce Craver, Alex Gellner, Ian Goldstein, Adam Howard, Filip Jeremic & Laura Thomas.

Writer/Director – Jonathan Doyle & Sam Weiss
Edit – Jonathan Doyle
Special Thanks to Dan Silver

Also available is the 18 neighborhood mega-cut, aka ALL-CITY (well, just Brooklyn). Listen, I don’t know what these words mean.

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