Prank: Millenium Tower

Brendan Cavanaugh: Hello, thank you for your interest in Millennium Tower. Can I help you in any way? 

Me: i want to buy the penthouse

Brendan Cavanaugh: Hello 

Me: How do you want the money

Brendan Cavanaugh: We can set up a time to visit the property and you can give a deposit check  

Me: no time
i can give you my credit card now

Brendan Cavanaugh: however if time is a issue then we can send you transfer info and set up the deposit  

Me: i have a party on SATURDAY
boston’s hottest & coolest will be there
who do i talk to about the pool temperature

Brendan Cavanaugh: We don’t accept credit cards unfortunatly 

Me: what about debit
its VISA
do you have a freight elevator
we have a lot of animals coming

Brendan Cavanaugh ok 
what is it your looking for in size of a property? 
Where are you moving from? 

Me: how many bedrooms does the penthouse have
people are going to want to crash

Brendan Cavanaugh: There is a 3 bedroom with 3435 sqft  
Where are you moving from  

Me: do they each have a seperate bathroom my mom is gonna stay 
i’m moving from revere

Brendan Cavanaugh: Yes there are 4 and 1/2 half bathrooms 

Me: i just came into a lot of money lol
dont ask too many questions 
do they have one of the rain showers
how is the water pressure
have you showered there

Brendan Cavanaugh: Yes  

Me: sick

Brendan Cavanaugh: the building isn’t finished yet 
October is when the building opens  

Me: will it be finished by saturday

Brendan Cavanaugh: No 

Me: dude
thats kind of a dealbreaker
what can you do for me

Brendan Cavanaugh: There are similar buildings in the area with units available now
what is your price range? 

Me: i told my girl i was in the MILLENIUM
youre killing me bro

Brendan Cavanaugh: there is Millennium Place Penthouse overlooking the park that has a private balcony great for entertaining  
what are you looking to spend? 

Me: i have $30,000

Brendan Cavanaugh: Are you interested in renting or for purchase 

Me: you know what maybe i will take my business to the prudential center
buy that penthouse

Brendan Cavanaugh: That won’t be ready until late next year 

Me: brendan my party is SATURDAY

Brendan Cavanaugh: I’m sorry I don’t know any party planners  

Me: you just talked yourself right out of a sale
dont come to my party

Brendan Cavanaugh: I’m sorry I couldn’t help you today


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