BarfCity: G.E.R.M.s

This has been a labor du love for about 20 years, first painstakingly making tracks in GoldWave on my PC in my childhood bedroom, cutting and pasting loops into a master WAV, using longhand in a notebook to denote time-stretches and effects. I’m sure there were DAWs around at that time, I just didn’t know any better. I was young, dumb, and y’know, full of artistic genius.

After several failures to launch over the last few years, I have rebuilt, remastered, and completely changed those original songs in Ableton, as I only had 256kbps MP3s (I hope) of the original album. Proper archiving was not a top priority in my youth (what the top priorities of that time is unclear), and one of these songs took a good six months to find the original break I had used. I even installed a Windows 95 virtual machine so I would be able to read dozens of old AKAI sample CDs, only to eventually find it on a random drum loop site. Such is the tortured life of a professional musician.

I would describe this album as a mix of my influences: David Holmes, Prince Paul, The Avalanches, Fatboy Slim, The High & Mighty, Liam Howlett, Air France, Tricky, The Wiseguys, and DJ PayPal. A high-minded mix of big beat, breaks, house, jungle, trip-hop and plain ol’ hip-hop – this album is an ode to a time when a boy could listen to all this music and not know anyone else in his hometown who was doing the same. Bon Appétit.

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