BarfCity: Dreamland

The heavily anticipated follow up to the pandemic darling G.E.R.M.s, BarfCity returns with his signature mash-up of big beat, jungle, hip-hop, house, hip-house, 2-step, drum & bass, dubstep, bro-step, trip-hop, rave, garage, and all sorts of other electronic genres of varying tempos. An ode to the lost amusement parks of Coney Island through the 1910s and 1920s, the theme is chaos, menace, and danger, just like the current Coney Island.

There are mountains of samples in here, but also features plenty of synths and programmed drums now that I’ve actually figured out how to include those, almost like a real producer! I’ve noticed this cuts down the substantial time investment of the sample-searching portion of production as well, which is why I suspect most sample-based artists go down this route at some point in their careers. It’s also slightly more creatively and legally fulfilling to generate your own sounds to go with the found ones.

Welcome to Dreamland.

(Not affiliated in any official capacity to Coney Island.)

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