Best Race Ever

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In the tradition of Sex in the 90s and The Fabulous Life of Lindsay Lohan, a Viacom subsidary tackles a social taboo every other Viacom subsidary is afraid to include in their schedule due to a lack of interest and royalty-free footage. VH1 decided to play ‘the cool step-dad’ who will kick it with the kids for a minute, and explore the non-existent issue of race.

Race-O-Rama is a series focusing on funny and provocative racial observations. The series is a follow up of VH1 and Ego Trip’s first partnership, TV’s Illest Minority Moments, which was adapted from Ego Trip’s Big Book of Racism. The high profile show featured guests Anthony Anderson, John Singleton, Kelis, Outkast, the RZA and Joey Medina and others talking about some of the most compelling, provocative and unintentionally hilarious race-related moments in television.

One compelling segment featured Lil’ Cease explaining how in Brooklyn, they don’t play craps like in LA. The provocative segment (I had to turn this down when my mom walked by) featured Lil’ Cease getting a haircut, in an apartment. NOT in a barbershop. Well-recieved social commentators like Paul Mooney and Aaron McGruder got to truly expound on such riot-inducing issues such as why white women now have asses (like black women!) and why Suge Knight is so scary. The genie is out of the bottle, Amerikkka!

All they had to say is white people are bored (and boring) because since they have all the disposable income and are therefore catered to by every entertainment conglomerate from the MLB to Jamster. We don’t have to make our own fun, we have PS2s to play San Andreas and Abercrombie catalogs to masturbate to. We don’t have to develop new ways to walk or slang because we developed the originals. But because we’re so goddamn pissed at our parents, we’re not even gonna let black people have the one inside joke they should be entitled to: the reappropriation of the n-bomb. Sorry, black people. But they’re remaking Willy Wonka so it looks like my heritage is being raped too. Now I can really identify with you! Holler!


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