IPC Videos

In Polite Company

IPC03: Bourne to be Wild
Starring: Danielle DiPaolo, Dan Silver, Samantha Strelitz, Michael Bird, Bryce Craver

Written & Directed by Jonathan Doyle
Director of Photography – Chandler Simms
Editor – Ed McGowan
Mixer – Emanuel Payano
Music by Alibi Music


IPC02: Ugly Americans

Written, Produced, Directed, Edited by Jonathan Doyle
Shot by Taylor Park & Tim Seely
Starring: Josh Androsky, Grant Pardee, Erin Lampart, Jacob Harper, Eva Gustavson
Special Thanks to Lee Briante & Echoes Under Sunset

IPC01: The Seller’s Agent

Written & Produced by Jonathan Doyle
Directed & Shot by Greg Croteau
Edited by Tim Seely
Starring: Lauren Cook, Eric Deskin, Kelly Davis, Jonathan Arouca


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