Feature Screenplays (wannabe movies)

The Flipside

A floundering travel vlogger couple find the secret to enormous social media success is to sabotage their relationship for the public eye.
(Comedy, 116 pages)

Blood Code

A completely unauthorized, ahistorical account of the deadliest console wars of the early 1990s.
(Comedy, 103 pages)

An ambitious young architect teams up with a suspect real estate corporation in hopes of building her dream project.
(Drama/Comedy, 115 pages)

The Flat-Spot Squeeze
A young and promising pool shark is taken under the wing of a has-been champion with a deadly chip on his shoulder.
(Comedy, 104 pages)

A woefully inexperienced half-wit police officer is plunged into deep cover within the LA narcotics trade.
(Comedy, 101 pages)

SoCal SoGood
A 1980s skater boy gets his Robitussin-fueled life turned upside down when his space-shot girlfriend announces she’s pregnant.
(Comedy, 101 pages)

Field Trip
A substitute teacher manages to lose her entire class on a field trip to New York City, and traverses the boroughs to round them all up by sundown.
(Family Comedy, 121 pages)

Webseries (not good enough for TV)

What’s the 311?
A documentary series highlighting and gleefully mocking 18 different Brooklyn neighborhoods. [Link]
(3 Seasons, 18 Episodes)

Accessories 2 Murder
The new store detective at Claire’s Accessories meets his match with a powerful and cunning pre-teen bling ring.
(1 Season, 10 Episodes)

Mimi x Aaron
(with Khal Chirwa)
An online dating prospect seems too good to be true and Aaron’s demented roommate is on the case. [Link]
(1 Season, 4 Episodes)

Plays (wannabe TV shows)

Robert Moses vs Everybody
The life and times of NYC Parks Commissioner and master builder Robert Moses comes to life in this historical satire, not that he really had a life or anything. But boy, did he have some times.
(60 Minutes)

Pilots (the worst episode of the series)

Tsunami Bay
A young executive inherits a popular but notoriously dangerous water park from his mobbed-up uncle.

A woefully inexperienced half-wit police officer is plunged into deep cover within the LA narcotics trade.

Scope of Work
A young urbanite tries to make sense of the world of corporate advertising and fails miserably to make any sense of it.

Head in the Sand
(with Jon Bozak)
Two suburban retail workers find themselves shipped out to Afghanistan, and it’s not exactly the vacation they expected.

Spec Scripts (for cancelled shows)

Peep Show
Mark and Johnson have a financially punishing lad’s night out and Jez finds himself dating a sex worker.

Master of None
Dez engages in social media warfare while attending a wedding with his ex.

Parks & Recreation
Pawnee erupts into chaos when a controversial measure passes town hall: bike lanes.

I don’t remember what this episode was about. If you’re that interested I can take a look.

Sketch (not good enough for webseries)

Teen Radio
The sketch comedy brainchild of five adult human babies. From 2014-2017, Teen Radio performed at the PIT, UCB, and the Annoyance NYC.
(70 Sketches)

Deep Space Live!
An astronaut lost in space hosts a talk show featuring all the celebrities and desk bits his deteriorating mind can conjure up. (25 Sketches)